• mindray
    (MPWT) Cambodia Railways
  • kabi
    (KAI) Indonesia Railways
  • msd
    (LR) Lao Railway Authority
  • storz
    (KTM Berhad) Malaysia
  • gigamed
    (MR) Myanma Railways
  • gigamed
    Philippines National Railways
  • gigamed
    (SRT) State Railway of Thailand
  • gigamed
    Vietnam Railways

DA NANG - The most livable city in Vietnam

Danang is one of the fastest developed cities of Vietnam. This city is famous not because of the dynamic city with excellent quality services but the majestic beauty of nature in this land.

There are three World Culture Heritages lie around Da Nang Province which is the Imperial City of Hue, the Ancient Town of Hoi An and My Son Sanctuary and a dozen of other attractive destinations that cost you a week to experience them all. Every of your expectation will be satisfied in Danang.